First Photomosaic Project

The purpose of this site is to document the steps used in creating a photomosaic using stamps.  The stamps are from the former Soviet Union and are all in mint condition without cancellation marks.  Once the mosaic content has been scanned in we will create the photomosaic with a master image of a Soviet USSR Russian Military WW2 Great Patriotic War Medal.  Once the digital mosaic is completed we will build a physical mosaic with the stamps.  The digital and physical mosaics and the Great Patriotic War Medal will be put up for auction.

Step 1)  Choose master image

Step 2)  Scan stamps

Step 3)  Use AndreaMosaic to create Digital Photomosaic

Step 4)  Mount stamps to create Physical Photomosaic

Step 5)  Put Digital and Physical Photomosaics, and Great Patriotic War Medal on eBay

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